New Employee Onboarding

New Employee Onboarding

Image of the elearning interface with a photo of an elderly woman and a caregiver with a multiple choice question about abuseMains’l Services, a leading provider of home health care and other direct support services, retained ZenMation to create a more effective, efficient and consistent process for onboarding more than 1,300 new employees who annually support over 900 people in home and community-based services in Minnesota, California and Alaska.

Loosely based on the “Game of LIFE,” this innovative, engaging 10-course curriculum uses accessible language, fun and practical video-based scenarios, creative graphics, quizzes, post-assessments and other learning techniques to enhance learners understanding and retention of important information.

The curriculum includes courses on:

A caregiver is talking with a young, sad woman with disabilities

  1. Do No Harm: Protection of Vulnerable Adults and Minors
  2. What to Do in an Emergency
  3. Workplace Safety and Infection Control
  4. HIPAA and Patient Privacy Rights
  5. Preventing Insurance Waste, Abuse and Fraud
  6. Providing Person-Centered Services
  7. Why Documentation is Important
  8. Medication Basics
  9. Ensuring Wellness, Health and Safety
  10. CPR and First Aid Basics