I/DD and Dementia

I/DD and Dementia

Photo of Dr. Philip McCallion, National Expert on People with IDD and DementiaDHS and the Minnesota Board on Aging hired ZenMation to produce over three hours of instructional videos and online learning where experts teach learners how to serve people with intellectual/developmental disabilities (I/DD) and dementia.

Two versions of the online training are tailored to both service providers and family members and include:

  • Extensive video interviews
  • Video role plays
  • Interactive case studies

Photo of a young man with disabilities wokring out at the YMCAThe BOLD-choice Theater, an acting company in Duluth with actors who have developmental disabilities, was hired by ZenMation to provide much of the acting talent used in the video-based instruction.

Check out this video that kicks off the online learning and describes all of the medical practitioners, service professionals, family members and individuals that the learner will meet throughout the online curriculum.