eTrac Online Vocational Training

eTrac Online Vocational Training

Screenshot of a welcome screen to eTracIn 2010, ZenMation embarked on a two-year partnership with Midwest Special Services to design and develop an online training environment to teach people with physical, learning and mental health challenges how to find and succeed in competitive employment. The eTrac curriculum is organized around six courses:

  1. Exploring a Career
  2. Filling Out the Paperwork
  3. Finding a Job
  4. Interviewing for a Job
  5. Accepting a Job Offer
  6. Keeping a Job

Photo of TV setting with a man in a wheel chair chatting with a talk show hostTwo versions of each course have been created to ensure full accessibility for all users:

  • HTML5 version with animation, videos, sound and robust interactivities, or for use on mobile devices.
  • Text-based version to optimize use of screen reader and Braille display technologies, or for other users wanting a less graphically-intense training format.

eTrac is fully integrated into the Moodle Learning Management System to track and measure all learning activities.

Check out a video to learn more about eTrac: