AAC Multi-Lingual Audio Clips

AAC Multi-Lingual Audio Clips

A person is holding an Augmentative and Alternative Communicatiolns deviceZenMation produced over 1,500 audio clips for use in an Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) device. These audio clips are in two different languages to enhance communication capabilities for non-verbal people with disabilities:

  • Somali
  • Hmong

Minnesota Department of Human Services and Technology for Home hired ZenMation to produce these audio clips. All translation services and voiceover talent was provided by ECHO Minnesota, a division of Twin Cities Public Television, and a key partner of ZenMation, Inc.

Listen to a few phrases that were built into an AAC device:

Somali: I use this computer to talk.

Hmong: I use this computer to talk.

Somali: What’s your name?

Hmong: What’s your name?

Somali: I need your help.

Hmong: I need your help.