Hearing and viagra sale prices Vision Loss

Hearing and Vision Loss

Working with People Who Have Hearing and Vision Loss Online Training: This self-paced online training course introduces long-term care workers and other social services professionals to the unique needs and challenges encountered by people who have both hearing and vision loss.

The course consists of six learning modules which use a variety of interactivities to engage learners and bring the content to life. Individuals with combined hearing and vision loss share their personal stories and experiences through short videos used throughout the course. These videos help to underscore the positive tone of the training and remind viewers of the importance of proper supports. A unique simulation allows learners to better understand the discount viagra drug deafblind experience by choosing a combination of hearing loss and buy online viagra securely visual impairment. Once a degree of hearing and vision loss has been selected, ampoule a variety of support services is presented that the individual might find helpful. The course also features knowledge checks to determine mastery of the content, clinic as well as case studies and exercises.

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