Sales Essentials CBT

Sales Essentials CBT

The Sales Essentials training required new employees to complete independent self-study courses before attending the virtual training sessions. This advance preparation ensures that everyone in the virtual classroom has the same basic knowledge.

Four lighthearted, animated training modules introduce key resources and concepts that are subsequently debriefed and explained in more detail during the virtual training sessions. In The Case of the Unused Ncyclopedia, a detective guides learners through the process of installing software on their laptops, then leads the learner on a tour of this important resource.

In Planets of Technology, learners become familiar with the applications they will use on a daily basis. Learners “travel” on a space odyssey where they explore policies and procedures, software maintenance and important technology information.

In Climbing for Contacts, participants learn to manage their sales contacts as they “climb” to new heights in growing their business.

Finally, in Growing Your Business, participants learn about planting leads, harvesting sales and cultivating ongoing customer relationships. Most importantly, participants learn the right way to generate leads while respecting customers’ solicitation preferences.

Interactive games and activities are used to reinforce key concepts in all four training modules. Each CBT course concludes with a final assignment that must be completed prior to the next virtual training session.