E-Learning Games

E-Learning Games

ZenMation developed a series of four game templates for a Fortune 100 company to make it fun and engaging to teach employees about a number of different products and services.

1. Monopoly®-Like Game – ZenMation’s version of a family favorite helps new employees to learn about the mortgage appraisal process by moving their tokens around a familiar game board. Exercises, simulations, explanations of customer and employee benefits, interesting facts and a review of resources are used to help ensure new employees are successful in their new role. Points earned for each correct answer are used to “purchase” a home at the end of the game.

2. Clue®-Like Game – ZenMation’s take on the ever-popular game allows new employees to use their sleuthing skills to learn about the credit reporting process and fraud awareness. Learners are tested on key concepts throughout the course. Each correct answer earns “clues” which learners use to solve the mystery.

3. Game of Loans – ZenMation’s adaptation of another popular board game helps new employees to learn about homeowner insurance and explore marketing and advertising materials

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. Like the other game templates, exercises, simulations, explanations of customer and employee benefits, interesting facts and a review of resources are presented to help ensure new employees succeed in their new roles. As questions are answered correctly, customers are added to the salesperson’s “bus of business.”

4. Chess Game – In this electronic chess game, new employees use their strategic thinking skills to master the ins and outs of the company’s FHA loan, title insurance and reverse mortgage products. Employees “promote their pawns” by successfully completing a variety of interactive exercises and simulations, reviewing customer and employee benefits, learning interesting facts and checking out important resources. Every time a question is answered correctly, a pawn is promoted to a more powerful piece such as a knight or queen. Master the content and –Checkmate! – you’re a winner!