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MPHA Orientation Videos

MPHA Orientation Videos ZenMation developed orientation videos for new tenants of the MPHA: Moving into Family Housing Moving into an MPHA High-Rise Building In both English and Somali, over two hours of instructional content included topics such as preventing bed bugs, understanding the sprinkler system, energy conservation, detecting carbon monoxide and more:

Going to Court

Going to Court This educational video teaches people who are deaf or hard of hearing how to be a litigant within the State of Minnesota court system. The video is signed by a professional court interpreter in American Sign Language and narrated by a voiceover talent, making it fully accessible to a wide audience. The video also includes mock court settings that simulate the actual court experience. Check out the video below:

Your Legal Rights

Your Legal Rights ZenMation created three videos for the Minnesota 2nd Judicial District explaining the rights of any defendants accused of: Misdemeanors Felonies Violation of Probations The videos included three judges reading a person their rights including mock courtroom scenes to bring the judge’s key points to life. ZenMation used over 15 employees from Ramsey County to play the roles of Prosecutors, Public Defenders, Judges, Court Reporters, Defendants, Jury and Audience Members to act out a number of different courtroom...


Tech4Home Tech4Home: This training video, developed for the Department of Human Services at the State of Minnesota, spotlights three Minnesotans on how assistive technologies and home accommodations have transformed their lives: Emily from Grand Rapids Stacy from Brainerd Rachel from Wabasha

E-Learning Games

E-Learning Games ZenMation developed a series of four game templates for a Fortune 100 company to make it fun and engaging to teach employees about a number of different products and services. 1. Monopoly®-Like Game – ZenMation’s version of a family favorite helps new employees to learn about the mortgage appraisal process by moving their tokens around a familiar game board. Exercises, simulations, explanations of customer and employee benefits, interesting facts and a review of resources are used to help ensure new employees are successful in their new role. Points earned for each correct answer...

E-TRAC Job Placement

E-TRAC Job Placement E-TRAC: In 2010, order ZenMation embarked on a two-year partnership with Midwest Special Services to design and develop an online training environment to teach people with physical, remedy learning and mental health challenges how to find and succeed in competitive employment. The E-TRAC curriculum is organized around six courses: Exploring a Career Filling Out the Paperwork Finding a Job Interviewing for a Job Accepting a Job Offer Keeping a Job Two versions of each course have been created to ensure full accessibility for all users: Flash-based version with animation, physician ...

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